A hypothetical rebrand for Woody’s Grooming products. I redesigned the logo mark and other brand visuals and created various deliverables to showcase how the new identity system would be applied to company marketing and packaging. Through this project I wanted to redesign the identity to better reach the audience of adults with a modern color palette and redesigned packaging.


Woody’s was developed through a collaboration of celebrity barbers and stylists. They created these products for the everyday man, someone that wants a simple regimen with basic, no-frill products that smell good and get the job done. While the overall appearance and tone of Woody’s is clearly targeted for men, I found it redundant to include the For Men tagline. Through this rebrand I aimed to enhance the experience of the everyday, on-the-go man.

  • Woody's homepage
    Current homepage
  • Woody's packaging 1
    Shave and skin care packaging
  • Woody's packaging 2
    Hair care product packaging
  • Woody's Instagram
    Social media content & photography layout
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Logomark Iterations

Woody’s current logomark features the silhouette of a man carrying a surfboard. Following a similar aquatic theme, I created a few logomarks that resemble a whale with the wooden markings of a surfboard. Other iterations drew inspiration from the ocean waves and a boardwalk sunset.

final logomark


A strong geometric shape that houses the oceanic elements creates purposeful movement while calling back to the boardwalk theme. The bold frame allows the logomark to pop off the background, improving presence on various background colors.

final logomark

Color Palette

primary color palette


I 3D modeled geometric packaging that would enhance the modern boardwalk branding I created. The new color palette feels appropriate for the target audience, but adds a touch of youthfulness and energy.


Social media post & packaging.

Rendered 3D Models

Seafood Body Wash & Sculpting Hair Clay

Rendered 3D Models

Sculpting Hair Clay