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Coming Soon

Why Pixels?

Different mediums are used to accomplish different goals. 8-bit pixel games are much cheaper to produce than RPGs, this is one of the main reasons why Pokemon did not move on for over a decade. Pixel art is viewed from a fixed camera angle, forcing the player to view the map how the creator intended it to be. Even though younger generations grew up on the glossy versions of Nintendo Mario, game developers still continue to use pixel art styles today.

Game Screens

These are the initial iterations of the screen I created for my 8-bit pixel game. The featured screens showcase the cafe, kitchen, and outdoor garden space.

  • first iteration The screens were created to fit on the Gameboy Color. Screen resolution is set to 160 x 144 px.
  • second iteration The cafe screen was modified a few times to maximize player freedom and movement.
  • second iteration The kitchen room will appear smaller than the cafe and outdoor screen.
drag, swipe or use arrow keys